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ELIJAH MANN is an Austin-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, and poet. Originally from Connecticut, Elijah got his start performing in musicals at The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. After a year focusing on acting in Pace University’s BFA Acting program in Manhattan, he found his passion lay more in the search for truth through his own songs and poetry, instead of finding personal honesty in someone else’s characters. Elijah transferred Berklee College of Music soon after, and never looked back.

While in Boston, Elijah found his musical footing as an alternative folk singer through “busking”, otherwise referred to as street performing. On any given day, Elijah’s powerful vocals and echoing guitar could be heard reverberating up and down Newbury Street as he wailed passionate ballads and energetic pop covers for tourists and Bostonians alike. To this day, Elijah still lives by the Golden Rule of Busking: “If your voice doesn’t bounce off the other side of the street, it’s not loud enough!”



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In September 2016, Elijah released his debut album, To Fall Apart, a 5-track EP representing four years of writing, rewriting, rethinking, revamping, and perfecting. The album centers around the idea of “falling apart”, and what it means to do so, all scored with Elijah’s signature sound: sobering melodies and pounding guitar. While the album mostly focuses around heavier topics, such as depression, anxiety, and heartbreak, Elijah always strives to give his audiences the silver lining in every gray cloud. In the song “Porcelain”, Elijah sings about the people in his life that have been broken so easily by the weight of depression and self-harm, consoling the listeners with soothing melodies and pounding guitar: “…Know that you and I have never been alone… I know it’s been a long time / and we’ll always have these battered hearts. / We’re breaking, but at least we’re still alive.” Elijah’s music speaks to souls who need to be shaken and soothed, and it always puts emphasis on self care and hope. “…We’re porcelain… It’s alright to fall apart.”

After completing his studies at Berklee with a Diploma in Songwriting and Performance Poetry, Elijah moved across the country to start his performance and songwriting career in Los Angeles, and then Austin, TX. Since then, he’s been working tirelessly on new material, new performances, and new videos. Recently, he has teamed up with two fellow singers/songwriters to create “The Edison Sessions”, a regularly updated YouTube channel featuring original and covered songs.

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Elijah has performed all around the country, playing a long list of venues, including Bar 20 on Sunset, The Wilbur Theatre, and The Red Room @ Cafe 939, sharing the stage with such acts as Paula Cole, Radiator King, Steve Knecht, and Lalah Hathaway. Inspired by folk singer/songwriters such as Glen Hansard and Anaïs Mitchell, he seeks to tell his own stories with every performance, in the hopes of drawing out the stories of others. Elijah is constantly searching for his most honest self to bring to his music, so that maybe his songs will strike a chord with someone who desperately needs to be understood.