Here is what people are saying…

“This makes me so happy!”
-Carly Rae JepsEn


“Brilliant new artist. Amazing music and intellectual lyrics. Listen to it…Buy it…Talk about it…”
-Connecticut Music Maker


“(Cut to the Feeling) takes a great summer club song and makes a version that is equally great for easier listening times. Still upbeat and energetic.
Beautiful voice!”


“He wants to find a quiet street and have his voice carom off of shop windows and the brick walls of the apartments above. He wants the strumming of his guitar to build up slowly, replicating the calm, confident and bold fervor of his voice. He wants to envelope those walking by. Busking on Newbury Street, he does just that.”
-Cameron Brown, Boston Busking


“Elijah demands nothing less than excellence from himself and always manages to achieve it… He is a valuable member of the Berklee community and an artist to watch.”
-Didi Stewart